About Us

Some Photo Impressions:

A picture is more than 1000 words!

Where you can find us:

Navis Modellbau
Dr. I. Kraus
Mozartweg 2
D-82538 Geretsried
Tel. 49-8171-31550
Fax. 49-8171-51135
e-mail: homepage@navis-neptun.de

The Beginning:

The company Navis was founded by Rudolf Kraus in September 1962 in Harlaching / München. The first prototypes were produced from synthetic resin, soon it became apparent that a low temperature metal alloy was a better choice.
The quality of these models was similar to that of Wiking models, by today's standards not very exciting.
Models of the beginning

Later Years:

- 1965 The company moves to Geretsried
- 1967 The company Copy is founded
- 1968 The company Neptun is founded by Rudolf's brother Willi Kraus
- 1991 Egbert Kraus (Rudolf's son) joins the company.
- 2000 Consolidation of all production in Geretsried.
- 2006 First models from the post-World War II period.
We currently produce more than 1000 different artikels. One of our main interests is the continuos improvement of our models, starting with the master-models to the production molds and the printing of the decks of our aircraft-carriers using tampon-printing technology.
Our special camouflage series as well as the V-Series with exact rigging are particularly popular with collectors.

The Future:

For the future we plan to enlarge our offerings with about 20 new models per year.

A Final Note:

We would enjoy your visit in our showroom, where you can see all our models.
If you are interested in our models, please contact one of our dealers.
All our models are handmade and the molds used in production have a limited life time. When you order a specific model, the mold may have to be rebuilt causing delays of up to one year, although most models are shipped within a few weeks.